Does not work reliably

Diskussion über den Relais-1 und Relais-8 von
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Does not work reliably

Beitrag von lasse » Mo 2. Apr 2012, 20:21

I have two cards "Relais-8V" with PIC 16F630 and relais8.hex software version 3.16. I have previously used Intellibox but has now changed to ESU ECoS 50200. The function of relay cards are now unstable, sometimes they work, sometimes not. What can I do to regain a stable card?
Regards Lasse

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Re: Does not work reliably

Beitrag von pmf » Mi 16. Mai 2012, 11:19

Hi Lasse

I think you have the same problem that I have. I have detected in my old version cards. When I turn each output by a button in the central station and then use a 9 button to turn off all outputs when connecting back to the 1st exit and the following have to double click on the button for it to activate the desired output.

Regards, Paulo
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