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Ausfahr-Signal decoders interfere with digital Märklin signals

Verfasst: Fr 6. Mär 2020, 19:31
von plut
I have some Ausfahr-Signal + VS decoders in my layout, together with some Märklin signals.

When the Digital Bahn Ausfahr-Signal + VS decoders are connected, the digital Märklin signals do not receive anymore the commands from CS1: as if their addresses were no more reachable.

If I disconnect the Digital Bahn decoders then the Märklin signals work perfectly.

I have also a Schalten led decoder equipped with Montage-Platine V2: no problem between this decoder and all the Märklin decoder.

Any advice?

If I equip all my Ausfahr-Signal + VS decoders with Montage-Platine V2 each, will it solve the problem?

Thanks to everybody for any help